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Regional Advocate Program

Don’t Let this Happen to Your Air Barrier Installation

Poorly installed weather-resistive air barrier resulted in major rework, and over 75% of construction defects are due to water intrusion, air leakage, and poor workmanship.

ABAA Regional Advocates: Advise, Guide, and Share

With over 116 wall variations, a Regional Advocate can help you and your team navigate the complexities of wall design to help ensure a robust, energy-saving, air barrier installation.

What is an ABAA Regional Advocate and How Can They Help Me?

The ABAA is developing a network of regional advocates (RA) around the country to help ensure air barriers are correctly specified, installed, and tested so building owners can realize maximum, long-term energy savings.

Currently, Texas offers a powerhouse Regional Advocate to advise, guide, and share on all things air barrier.

Services from a Regional Advocate include:

Ensure air barrier specification correctness

Suggest air barrier quality control measures to ensure a proper continuous air barrier installation

Provide a list of ABAA accredited contractors and certified installers in your region

Provide a list of ABAA evaluated air barrier assemblies and materials that meet and exceed all industry code requirements

Learn from experts on chemical compatibility issues related to air barrier transitions such as: roof-to-wall, wall-to-waterproofing. and dis-similar chemical-based materials

Ensure a top performing air barrier installation offering building owners long-term energy savings that meets all code requirements and design intent

Don’t leave it up to “by others”

What Are The Next Steps?

Regional Advocate Services are pro-bono and fully supported by the ABAA.