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Certified Air Barrier Specialist

Learn more about becoming an ABAA Certified Air Barrier Specialist

What is the CABS Program?






Become recognized as an air barrier expert to building stakeholders and demonstrate your knowledge in these key areas:

  • building code requirements
  • drawings and specifications
  • job-site testing procedures
  • materials selection
  • proper installation


  • ABAA-accredited certification
  • Peer and industry recognition
  • Expert source for:
    • architects/consultants
    • building owners
    • inspectors/auditors
    • installers
    • trade contractors
    • Broad application in multiple industry sector
  • Certified in accordance with ISO 17024 standards
  • Recognized across state/national jurisdictions
  • Unbiased industry learning unit applications
  • Offer knowledge across five major air barrier methods:
    • board stock
    • fluid applied
    • mechanically attached
    • self-adhered
    • spray foam

What are the key knowledge units the Air Barrier Specialist certification will encompass?

Certified Air Barrier Specialist (CABS) | Chart | Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA)

Construction Site Requirements

Air barrier installation requirements
ABAA material listing requirements
Contract documents

Materials Methods & Details

Manufacturer’s corporate responsibility
Building science
Air barrier materials, accessories, components and assemblies
Air barrier details

Project Design

Air barrier design
Project specifications
Building codes
Regional and industry standards

On Site Testing

On site testing
Air barrier project audits
Commissioning the air barrier system
Correcting air leakage paths

How much will it cost?

ABAA membership provides many benefits, including reduced fees for CABS registration and exam costs.  Up to $200 in savings per person for our members! View our membership plans or contact us at CABSsupport@airbarrier.org for more information

Program Registration


  • Online CABS Proctored Exam
  • Email Certificate
  • Embossed Certificate

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CABS Training Manual

Comprehensive study guide

outlining the critical knowledge required
of a Certified Air Barrier Specialist.



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