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Ongoing education for Air Barrier professionals.


Introduction to Air Barriers

NEW! Free on-line course available through ABAA’s own website.

Introduction to Air Barriers” provides an overview of the performance requirements of air barrier materials, assemblies, and systems, and includes a discussion on relevant building code requirements. This course provides AIA and state credits and qualifies for HSW.


Specifying Air Barriers to Achieve Air Tightness

by Laverne Dalgleish

Design and construction documents are one of the first steps towards achieving an effective layer of air tightness to manage moisture and air movement. The importance of a proper specification cannot be understated and a well-articulated document will ensure that the owner is provided with materials, performance and quality. This presentation will go over some of the consideration and language that should be reviewed prior to developing a specification and will outline code requirements, performance requirements, what can be done for quality, ensuring material selection meets the intent of design and for crucial coordination with other components of the enclosure.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Through a review of IECC 2015 and ASHRAE 90.1 code language, we will determine the code compliance options for air barriers and requirements for materials, assemblies and whole building airtightness.
  2. Understand the various test methods for air barrier materials and assemblies as it relates to air, water, fire and other key requirements.
  3. Identify key language for three-part specification to articulate performance standards, execution and quality requirements.
  4. Define requirements for quality assurance and control, and typical downfalls in specification verbiage.

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