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WBA Certification FAQs

Learn more about becoming certified as a Whole Building Airtightness Technician through ABAA

WBA Certification

When you have completed the appropriate forms, provided an electronic photo (headshot) and paid the fee.

Preparing for the Exam

For the most up to date information on registration and fees, consult the ABAA website at www.airbarrier.org.  The exam is only available online.

No, you cannot register by telephone as you need to complete the online certification registration and pay the appropriate fees.

Yes, please check the ABAA website for dates and locations of various training programs.

Certification Exam

This exam is done online and is proctored. 

The results are provided to you immediately at the end of the exam session. They will not be provided over the phone.

No, once the exam is completed, it is no longer available to you.

You may take the written exam as many times as needed until you pass the exam.  However, you will be required to pay the exam fee every time you take the exam.

There is no penalty for guessing, and a not answered question is considered incorrect for the purposes of the test.

The passing mark for the written examination is 80%.

Exam Day: What to Expect

How to Access Your Pre-paid exam

  1. Go to https://learn.airbarrier.org
  2. Enter the email address used at the time of registration as your username.
  3. Enter your password or use the forgot password function.

Yes, your exam results will be emailed to you.

No, you are not allowed to have any papers, books, cell phones, computers, tablets, etc. with you during the exam.

The time to complete the exam is four hours. 

Exam questions are a multiple-choice format, with one answer on each question being correct and the other three answers being wrong.  There are no long answer questions, true / false questions, or misleading questions.