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QAP Calculator

Using our QAP Calculator, you can calculate the real costs for having ABAA QAP on your project

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Total project cost


Total air barrier square footage


Number of ABAA QAP Audits


Total estimated ABAA QAP Project Costs


Percentage of ABAA QAP costs to total project cost


  • Project audit costs: $2,000 / audit (for Continental USA Only).

    • Project audit costs outside of the Continental USA are at cost. Please contact the ABAA office for assistance.
  • Project registration fee: $0.085 per square foot of total air barrier material being installed


Air Barrier Opaque Wall Square Footage (ft2) Number of Audits
Up to 10,000 1
10,001 to 35,000 2
35,001 to 75,000 3
75,001 to 125,000 4
125,001 to 200,000 5
200,001 and over 6

Air Barrier Opaque Wall Square Footage (ft2):

  • Total square feet of air barrier material being installed on opaque wall area. This does NOT include fenestration (curtainwalls, storefronts, windows) or doors.
  • This does NOT include roof or below grade areas. It is strictly based on the scope provided to the air barrier contractor performing the work.
  • This is NOT based on the square footage footprint of the building or floor area.
The ABAA QAP project costs are included in the air barrier project bid by all ABAA Accredited Contractors. The number of audits required for a project is based on the total air barrier square footage being applied on the ABAA specified project.
If the project specification calls for a greater quantity of audits over the ABAA QAP’s Frequency of Site Audits table, the greater quantity shall always be provided and included in the bid.

If you have any questions please contact the ABAA office by email at abaa@airbarrier.org or by phone at 866-956-5888.