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Air Barrier Quality Assurance Program

Building Confidence in the Air Barrier Assembly

Building Quality, Reducing Risk, and Mitigating Moisture:

QAP is a job site program that ensures proper materials, installation and inspection of the air and moisture barrier system.

QAP by the Numbers


QAP Specified

91 Million

Sq. Ft. of QAP Audited
Air Barrier Installation


Certified and Registered Installers

What Does QAP Offer?

Less Rework

Minimized Liability


Integrated Components

Proven Approach

Mitigate Claims

View our short video and listen to industry experts as they
explain how investing in QAP has lowered their
“Cost of Quality” by up to 10 times.


Less Rework – Minimized Liability

Rework Required

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Poorly installed weather resistive air barrier resulted in major rework and over 75% of construction defects are due to water intrusion, air leakage, and poor workmanship.

QAP In-process Repair

An installation error was noted by a QAP auditor during a routine quality control site visit.

The flaw was quickly rectified (no rework or change order required) thus avoiding possible moisture and air intrusion after the cladding was installed.

Multi-Faceted Approach – Integrated Components

Contractor Accreditation

QAP contractors are trained, accredited, and have signed agreements with ABAA to follow installation guidelines and correct deficiencies.

They must meet bonding/insurance requirements, employ ABAA certified installers, and possess the equipment to install and test their work.


QAP installers are trained and certified by ABAA. To qualify they  must have a minimum of 3,000 hours of documented work experience in air barrier/water resistive barrier installation.

Typically, certified installers work for QAP accredited contractors.


ABAA has tested over 100 manufacturer air barrier WRB assemblies that were tested in accordance with ASTM E2357 and many other stringent evaluation criteria.

By specifying evaluated materials, design professionals can limit their liability and be assured that materials will meet and exceed stated specifications.


Each day, certified installers are required to document the installation process, inspect, and fix deficiencies.

The reports are submitted to the construction site QA office and, in turn, provided to the general contractor and design professional.

Onsite Field

ABAA field auditors confirm compliance with project specifications, manufacturer installation guidelines, and ABAA Site Quality Assurance Program. Auditors review substrate preparation, compatible materials, applications, and repair procedures.

Audit findings are distributed to the: owner, architect, manufacturer, GC and accredited contractor.

Final ABAA Audit

Upon audit completion, the final report, including a photo log, is submitted to the ABAA Site Quality Assurance Program office for a final review by seasoned building science professionals.

Thereafter, it is filed and distributed to the owner, architect, manufacturer, GC, and accredited contractor.

Proven Approach – Mitigate Claims

For a fraction of the overall building cost, you can ensure PROPER MATERIALS, PROPER INSTALLATION, and PROPER INSPECTION for the most difficult to maintain component of your building: the wall assembly and air barrier system.

 = QAP cost compared to overall construction cost

Strip Mall

Building Cost: $6,390,000
ABAA Wall Area: 11,348 sf
QAP Investment: $4,964
Audits: 2

% of Job Cost:

Small Hotel

Building Cost: $17,280,000
ABAA Wall Area: 17,280 sf
QAP Investment: $5,468
Audits: 2

% of Job Cost:

Medium Office

Building Cost: $24,334,400
ABAA Wall Area: 10,975 sf
QAP Investment: $4,932
Audits: 2

% of Job Cost:

Large Hotel

Building Cost: $65,594,884
ABAA Wall Area: 33,849 sf
QAP Investment: $6,877
Audits: 2

% of Job Cost:

Secondary School

Building Cost: $51,037,800
ABAA Wall Area: 27,040 sf
QAP Investment: $6,298
Audits: 2

% of Job Cost:

Large Office

Building Cost: $276,224,400
ABAA Wall Area: 64,480 sf
QAP Investment: $11,480
Audits: 3

% of Job Cost:


How does QAP help me?

Manages risk, offers
3rd party impartial resource,
and provides owner a
high-performance building

Building Consultants
Partner on proper
installation, quality control,
opportunity to perform
services for the ABAA

Building Owner
Protects your investment,
maximizes energy savings,
and reduces operating costs
for the life of the building

General Contractor
Reduces rework,
minimizes risk of moisture
claims, and offers highly
trained contractors

Air Barrier Contractors
Offers first class
impartial training
programs setting you apart
from the competition

Ensures installation
by qualified trades,
monitors installation, and
reduces field rep visits

QAP Resources

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