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Installer Certification

Learn more about the ABAA Air Barrier Installer Certification


The Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA) will prepare you for the challenges and rewards in the air barrier industry with our Air Barrier Installer course. ABAA sets the standard in quality and assurance and provides installers with a sense of professionalism and pride with the Air Barrier Installer Certification.


Installers must complete each of the following forms and submit in good order to the ABAA office prior to receiving certification


Installers must sign and return the original of the Installer Certification Application documentation past relevant employment history.

Download the Installer Certification Application in Adobe Acrobat PDF format


Installers must sign and return the original of the Installer Licensing agreement between the installer and the association outlining the conditions and terms all by which all certified installers must abide.

Download the Installer Licensing Agreement in Adobe Acrobat PDF format


Installers must sign and return a notarized original copy of the affidavit confirming hours of field experience*.

Download the SPF Affidavit in Adobe Acrobat PDF format

Download the SAFL Affidavit in Adobe Acrobat PDF format

ABAA accepts related experience in spray-applied waterproofing, hours in sheet membrane waterproofing, self-adhered membrane roofing, torch-applied membrane roofing and in painting.

Hours in each category are weighted and reviewed on a case by case basis by the ABAA office.


Installers are also required to attend training and achieve a passing average grade of 80%, complete all required paperwork, submit certification payments as well as pass an on-site skill assessment.

Training is an investment in the future and a tool for success. ABAA’s elite training program provides you with an edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your skills, or searching for a new career, ABAA’s Air Barrier Installer course is designed to meet your needs.

The Air Barrier Association of America training courses provide participants with the required skill sets to deal with all manner of air barrier assemblies.

Air Barrier Installer Certification sets you apart from the competition and identifies you as a professional.

In addition, employing a certified installer and a trained quality assurance program administrator are requirements for all ABAA accredited contractors.

Please note that training is only one component of the air barrier installer certification process. Installers are required to have a minimum 3000 hours of experience in air barrier applications or related fields and provide supporting documentation.

Certification is granted by application method by training course complete. Certification is non-transferable.