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Membership Application

Become an ABAA member

We offer several membership types to join the ABAA.

Membership Type Fee*
Air Barrier Material Supplier $5,000.00
Air Barrier Accessory Material Supplier $2,500.00
Non-Air Barrier Material Supplier $1,000.00
Equipment Supplier $1,000.00
Distributor $500.00
Air Barrier Contractor $1,000.00
Associate $300.00
General Contractor $500.00

*not pro-rated

Membership type definitions:

Air Barrier Suppliers that manufacture the primary air barrier building material that is designated to provide the primary resistance to airflow through an air barrier assembly.

Air Barrier Suppliers that ONLY manufacture transition, termination or fastening products designated to maintain continuity and air tightness between air barrier materials, air barrier assemblies and air barrier components, to fasten them to the structure of the building, or to be installed in conjunction with air barrier materials (e.g. sealants, tapes, backer rods, transition membranes, fasteners, strapping/furring strips, primers, flashings).

Supplies or sells equipment.

Suppliers that manufacture products that DO NOT or COULD NOT provide the air barrier function or are an accessory/component of an air barrier system.

This would include the following products: Masonry ties, fasteners, Z‐girts, thru‐wall flashing, curtain wall systems, windows, doors, rain screen / mortar deflection products, materials to control thermal bridging, insulation (fiberglass, cellulose, rock wool and other permeable materials), concrete block, and exterior cladding system (brick, metal panel or other cladding systems that would not be a part of the airtightness control layer).

Air Barrier installation contractor.

Distributes or sells building products.

Construction management firm.

Architect, Building Envelope Consultant, Testing Laboratory, Research Body, Government Agency, Specification Writer, etc.