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Standard for Air and Water Resistive Barriers

Fluid Applied Membrane

Material specification, S0008-2021, 2/17/2022

Property Test Method 2022 Standard (17 Tests)
Air Permeance ASTM E2178
Assembly Air Leakage ASTM E2357
Air Leakage Rate Fastener ASTM E2178 with modified specimen
Alkali Resistance ASTM D543 Practice A Procedure 1
Elongation ASTM D412 Method A Die C
Freeze-Thaw Resistance ASTM E2485 Method A
Fungi Resistance ASTM C1338
Gap Bridging Ability ABAA T0004
Low Temperature Flexibility ASTM D522 Method B
Peel Adhesion ASTM C794
Peel Adhesion for each substrate ABAA T0002
Flame Spread Characteristics ASTM E84
Smoke Development Index ASTM E84
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) EPA 24
Water Vapor Absorption by Diffusion ASTM C1498
Water-Resistance in 100% Relative Humidity ASTM D2247
Water Vapor Transmission Rate Water and Desiccant Methods ASTM E96