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Certified Air Barrier Specialist

This certification for an Air Barrier Specialist is designed for those involved in the sales of air barrier materials and/or providing guidance on the application of air barrier materials and/or the installation of an air barrier system in a building. The air barrier system applications include residential, commercial and institutional buildings and covers both new construction and the retrofit of existing buildings.

For an individual to become a Certified Air Barrier Specialist, the person will need to have a combination of experience in the industry and have successfully completed a written exam to confirm their knowledge and skills.

The Certified Air Barrier Specialist performs services such as offering technical advice and support to the design professional, the air barrier contractor and others with regard to material use, installation requirements and application requirements, use of equipment and other related criteria.


  1. Ensure you have the latest version of the Certified Air Barrier Specialist Certification Handbook (download here), or by calling 866.956.5888 or emailing abaa@airbarrier.org
  2. Read all information contained in the handbook in its entirety.
  3. Refer to the outline in handbook to be sure that you understand and can perform the critical tasks required of an Air Barrier Specialist.
  4. Obtain any reference materials required for the examination and study these references well in advance of taking the examination.


The individual shall have a minimum of two years’ experience in the industry or shall have attended the following training sessions / workshops approved by ABAA:

  • Building science
  • Air barrier design
  • Drawings and details
  • Installation of all air barrier categories

Passing the Air Barrier Specialist exam is a distinguishing achievement. However, passing the exam is only one component of the certification process and is not indicative that candidate is certified.

Certification is non-transferable.


The candidate must complete each of the following forms and submit in good order to the ABAA office prior to receiving certification.

  • CERTIFICATION APPLICATION (candidate must sign and return the original copy).

Download Application (PDF format).

  • LICENSING AGREEMENT (candidate must sign and return the original copy).

Download Agreement (PDF format).