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ABAA Fellowship Award

ABAA Members,


Fellowship is one of the most prestigious awards that ABAA gives and recognizes those that have worked tirelessly for the association and taken a leadership role and who consistently exceed expectations.  Their advancement of the industry is well known and recognized by their peers.  At this time, the Jury of Fellows has opened the process for this year’s intake of nominations.


Here is a summary of some key points on the requirements and process:

1. Nomination Requirements


Nominations for persons to be considered for ABAA Fellowship may be made by any voting member in good standing.  The bylaws outline the qualifications for those to be nominated.  These are primarily the following:

● Any person representing a voting member of ABAA may be advanced to Fellowship if he or she has been a voting member of ABAA for not less than ten years at the time of nomination.


● The ABAA nominee shall be in good standing at the time of the nomination and review. The person shall have notably contributed to the advancement of the Air Barrier Association of America to be nominated for Fellowship.


A person cannot nominate oneself, however each nomination must be made by a voting member in good standing and the nomination cannot consist of more than one individual per Member Company.

2. A Few Items to Consider


● It is suggested that the original nominator fill out the form and then send to the second nominator, then to the third and then to the fourth.  If at all possible, having ALL the information on one form.  The form has been developed to make it easy to be filled out by all 4 individuals.


● To determine if a member has been a member for 10 years, simply email or call Louise Hardman at the ABAA office (lhardman@airbarrier.org OR 1-866-956-5888).


● A member in good standing simply means that they are current members of the association, this can again be confirmed by contacting Louise Hardman.

3. Nomination Deadline


The application must be received electronically at the ABAA office no later than December 1, 2020 by 11:59 pm CDT.  Any nominations sent in after that date will not be accepted.