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Gavin Grady

Member Spotlight: Gavin Grady

Gavin Grady is a Senior Building Enclosure Consultant with Inspec. He has experience in all project phases including facility condition assessments, forensic investigations, budgeting, design, project management, construction observation, and building enclosure commissioning (BECx) for building enclosure projects including air barriers, exterior walls, waterproofing, windows, and skylight systems.

When did you become a licensed field auditor?

A: May 2018

How has ABAA’s Field Auditor certification impacted your career or professional development?

A: It has helped me gain a much better understanding of air barrier systems and the importance of proper detailing that I have been able to utilize and apply in other consulting aspects of my career including design and construction observation.

Name: Gavin Grady
Senior Building Enclosure Consultant
Inspec, Inc. 
Minneapolis, MN

ABAA member for 6 years

In your opinion, what are the key elements of a successful air barrier audit? 

A. 1) Being prepare, be familiar with the specified air barrier materials and project specifications in order to understand any specific installation requirements from the manufacturer or the construction documents; 2) Communication with the installation contractor to be sure you are completing your audits at key points during construction, and they are aware of the audit expectations.

What advice would you give to someone considering pursuing the Field Auditor

A. Go for it! Being an ABAA Field Auditor gives you an opportunity to increase your knowledge base and also set yourself apart from other professionals in the building envelope industry.

Any additional insights about your certification experience or working in the air barrier industry?

A. In recent years, the industry has continued to put the emphasis on building performance and energy efficiency, which in many ways is connected to the air barrier.

June 21, 2024