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QAP Contractor Accreditation

What is a QAP Accredited Contractor?

QAP contractors are trained, accredited, and have signed agreements with ABAA to follow installation guidelines and correct deficiencies.

A QAP accredited contractor employs ABAA QAP trained and certified installers. Accredited contractors have exclusive access to the QAP bid board and the ability to bid on local contracts that require ABAA accredited contractors and certified installers. Accredited contractors also employ a QAP administrator to ensure the QAP requirements are followed.

Why Become an ABAA Accredited contractor?

We realize that the challenges facing contractors today include hiring and retaining a skilled workforce, reducing call-backs, and getting more jobs to bid on. Upon joining the ABAA, we provide additional pathways for contractors to choose from, all of which make you, your business, and your work stand out from the competition.

“The work [in the building envelope] is very straightforward but doing it correctly and understanding the characteristics of the material, their compatibility, and their proper installation are crucial.”   

Robert Aird
Owner of Robert A. Aird, Inc.

As an accredited contractor, you gain immediate access to articles, tips, informational webinars, and a host of other resources to help inform your industry knowledge, and your work. All of these benefits come in addition to being able to serve as part of a growing and diverse family of industry professionals who seek to raise the standard of building construction.

Getting Started

Download and Submit an Application Packet

The application packet is extensive to ensure you meet the bonding and liability requirements of the ABAA QAP Program.

QAP licensing fee: $700*

* Must be an ABAA Air Barrier Contractor member – Join Today!

Employ a Certified Level 3 Installer

To ensure air barrier installation meets the strict guidelines of QAP, accredited contractors must employ at least one (1) Level 3 Certified Installer. 

Employ a QAP Administrator

Self-study course and exam focusing on the ABAA Quality Assurance Program, introduction to air barriers, materials, systems and building code requirements. Exam fee: $100.00 Study Guide for members $95.00, non-members $195.00 Download QAP Administrator Form. 

Receive Access to ABAA Job Bid Board

Upon approval you will receive immediate access to the ABAA Job Bid Board.


What are the Costs For the ABAA QAP?

There are upfront one-time costs for a project that is specified with the ABAA QAP.

The ABAA has third-party licensed Field Auditors that audit every project, those costs must be added into the ABAA Accredited Contractor’s bid price. The cost of each audit is $2,000 and the number of audits is dependent on how many the design professional specifies. The number of audits that ABAA recommends can be found here. (PDF)

There is also an Industry Development Fee (IDF) charged at $0.085 per square foot of total air barrier materials applied on all ABAA specified projects; which assists in funding the association’s day-to-day management and marketing of its Quality Assurance Program and members to the design community.

Why Do I Need to Submit Job Bid Notifications and Awarded Job Notifications?

To ensure our and your continued success, we need your help.

First, all ABAA Accredited Contractors are required to submit a job bid notification when preparing to bid on an ABAA specified project. Second, all ABAA Accredited Contractors are required to notify the ABAA office about all awarded projects, even if not the successful Air Barrier Contractor.

This helps the Association track projects and provide direct assistance when a project is not awarded to a non-ABAA contractor.

What Happens When I Lose a Bid to a Non-ABAA Contractor?

Immediately notify the ABAA office and we will contact the Architect and General Contractor. Our QAP administration staff will follow up directly to ensure the job is awarded to an ABAA Accredited Contractor.

There are two options:

  • The Architect insist the contract be awarded to an ABAA Accredited Contractor, as per the project specifications and fully complied with on the project.
  • The Architect removes the requirement for the project to follow the ABAA QAP

ABAA will always work with the interested parties to ensure the ABAA Quality Assurance Program is not removed from the project master specifications.