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Standard for Air and Water Resistive Barriers

Medium Density Closed Cell Rigid Spray Polyurethane Foam

Material specification, D-115-010 Rev. 14, 6/1/2015

Property Test Method 2015 Standard
(13 Tests)
Air Permeance ASTM E2178
Air Leakage ASTM 2357
Apparent Core Density ASTM D1622
Compressive Strength ASTM D1621
Dimensional Stability at 28 days ASTM D2126
  Open Cell Content, Volume ASTM D6226
  Pull Adhesion ABAA 0002
  Surface Burning Characteristics ASTM E84
  Tensile Strength ASTM D1623
Thermal Resistance for a 25-mm thick specimen ASTM C518
Water Absorption by Volume ASTM D2842
Water Vapor Transmission Rate for a 50-mm thick specimen – water and desiccant method ASTM E96
Crack Bridging ASTM C1305-08