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Whole Building Airtightness Program

Learn more about becoming an ABAA Whole Building Airtightness Technician

The Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA) is pleased to announce a new U.S.-based training and certification program: Whole Building Airtightness Program (WBAP). 

Over the past three years and countless hours of collaboration with industry professionals and the State of Washington the Whole Building Airtightness Program has come to fruition. The program is divided into two important sections. First, a 5-day intensive training program, consisting of lectures and hands-on training.  Second, is the two-part certification scheme; a comprehensive online exam and a practical field test, resulting in a certified Whole Building Airtightness Technician. 

Why the WBAP was Developed

With recent developments to enforce commercial building airtightness codes, especially in the State of Washington, the ABAA recognized the lack of trained professionals to conduct tests in a commercial setting. With this in mind the ABAA gathered a host of industry experts and developed a program to thoroughly train and certify professionals in an unbiased (non-manufacturer specific) environment to conduct airtightness building testing.

What is the Whole Building Airtightness Program?

5-Day Training Program



Program Objectives

Ensure a person has the knowledge, skills, and abilities to conduct a blower door test on a commercial building by following:

  • Appropriate test standards
  • Building code requirements
  • Project specifications

Assist the air barrier industry by providing a means to verify:

  • Proper air barrier system installation on new/renovated construction
  • Current air leakage rates of an existing building and document
  • Improvement after air leakage controls have been implemented


  • Training developed using the latest U.S. test methods and standards: ASTM E3158-18*
  • Intensive 5-day training led by master-class industry professionals in a higher education learning environment 
  • Comprehensive curriculum vetted and developed by the ABAA in conjunction with world-wide experts  
  • In-depth ISO 17024 certification process 
  • Knowledge-based certification online testing designed by subject matter experts with decades of experience  
  • ABAA recognition to industry peers and key air barrier stakeholders 

* ASTM E-3158-18 Standard Test Method for Measuring the Air Leakage Rate of a Large or Multizone Building

Whole Building Airtightness Knowledge Units

In-Person and Hands-On Training

How much will it cost?

5-Day Intensive Training Program

Breakfast & Lunch included. Travel and Lodging is at trainee’s expense


  • Printed & PDF version of training manual
  • Digital certificate

Member Pricing


Non-Member Pricing


Training Manual (PDF)



Exam Fee (Online)
* Both the exam and practical are required for full certification.



Exam Fee (Practical)
* Charges may vary based on location