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Observing Building Enclosures Leaking; Heat, Air and Water Using Infrared Thermography

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Observing Building Enclosures Leaking; Heat, Air and Water Using Infrared Thermography

May 27, 2021 @ 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT

Live webinar sponsored by the Air Barrier Association of America


The enclosure envelopes the building providing a separator from the conditioned spaces and the exterior environment. It should provide protection and reduction of the controlling elements of the physical, chemical and biological reactions that are Heat, Air and Moisture flow. Barriers or restrictors of these controlling elements are used in the design, materials used for and construction of the envelope. These barriers include; Heat, Air, Moisture (liquid) and moisture (vapor) (HAMM). By using HAMM barriers appropriately we reduce the controlling elements of Heat, Air and Moisture flows and provide comfort, sustainability, energy use reduction and much more for our buildings.

Infrared thermography has been around for decades as a means to visualize Heat, Air and Moisture flow by detecting the infrared energy emitted from the surfaces of the enclosure. Currently infrared detection devices are gaining traction as devices needed for envelope inspections. Anyone can buy a camera, download an app or accessorize your smartphone with infrared tools, unfortunately, many fail to fully understand the science of this technology, failing to properly capture and interpret the imagery the infrared imager can provide.

This presentation will explain the benefits, limitations and physics behind the use of infrared thermography or thermal science as it’s partnering with building science and its use in “seeing” Heat, Air and Moisture flow at the enclosure.

Infrared imaging provides a visual representation of the thermal spectrum, which provides insights that only it can “see”. We will discuss the importance of knowledge in both the thermal and building sciences for proper interpretation of the thermal images. By showing and describing thermal imagery, we will demonstrate how this imaging provides the thermal patterning to show Heat, Air and Moisture flow. In the end, our audience will better understand how this technology can be applied to the enclosure, minimizing risk, determining retrofit needs, evaluating energy performance and much more.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the importance of the enclosure, its basic functions and what drives the functional relationships between the occupants and the environment.
  2. Identify reasons for the enclosure and its importance in sustainability.
  3. Recognize the enclosure barriers, their importance and their characteristics.
  4. Identify thermal patterns associated with Heat flow, Air flow, Bulk moisture and Vapor flow

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Scott Wood

Scott D. Wood is the Senior Building Scientist at VaproShield, providing product QA/QC and investigations/testing of material properties. As a building scientist he provides technical support for the company’s representatives, clients and assists in the development of product literature and presentations.
Scott is President of SWA Consulting. As an ITC certified Level III Thermographer with decades of experience performing condition monitoring and building applications of thermography. He has many publications in areas of both thermography and building science. Mr. Wood provides investigations, consulting, presentations and training in Building Science Thermography. Since his creation of the course in 2003 he provides the only 32 hour Building Science Thermography class for Level I and Level II that provides instruction in the use of infrared thermography in building applications.

He is involved in many organizations regarding thermography and building science including; a founding member, the Director of Building Science and treasurer of the International Association of Certified Thermographers (IACT), active voting member for ASTM International C16 and C6 committees.


May 27, 2021
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT
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