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David Kirchev

Member Spotlight: David Kirchev

What inspired you to pursue the Whole Building Airtightness Certification
Program with ABAA?

A: At my current company, I am heavily involved in air barrier design, inspections, and whole building air barrier testing. I want to be as knowledgeable and qualified as possible to be able to give the client the best service possible and help them understand the importance of air barriers.

Share your insights from the certification program. What are your key takeaways?

A: Air can transport more water into a building than vapor. Having airtight buildings ensures more efficient homes and safer homes.

Name: David Kirchev
Building Envelope Consultant
Allana Buick & Bers
City: Portland, OR

ABAA member for 2 years

How do you plan to apply the knowledge and skills gained in your professional work?

A. The program gave me added confidence and a knowledge base to be able to perform air leakage testing for a range of purposes. We have since performed qualitative air leakage testing for projects looking to improve on constructed conditions and quantitative testing for projects seeking to confirm that the building performance meets and exceeds the project requirements.

Which parts of the certification program did you find most impactful?

A. The manufacturer’s training and mockup testing to build knowledge

How will you promote the importance of whole building airtightness in your community?

A. I will advocate for tighter buildings and recommend materials and methods of how to achieve airtight buildings.

What advice do you have for others considering ABAA certification?

A. Study the ASTM standards and get some practical experience to better help understand the process and methods.

How will you stay involved with ABAA beyond the certification program?

A. I will continue taking continuing education courses and will attend events whenever possible.

Any additional insights about your certification experience or future goals in airtightness and building performance?

A. I want to get involved in residential air testing and open my own business

June 4, 2024