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Derick Wiaderski

Member Spotlight: Derick Wiaderski

What inspired you to pursue the Whole Building Airtightness Certification
Program with ABAA?

A: I feel that building air tightness is a next level construction concept that needs to be adopted and realized by the entire building industry. I find it interesting how we can measure and physically show the impacts that building design and construction practices have on the performance of buildings. I wanted to be sure that the test methods I employed are consistent with the leading industry standards.

Share your insights from the certification program. What are your key takeaways?

A: The program provided me with a better understanding of the testing process and the different standards used to evaluate a building.

Name: Derick Wiaderski
Senior Staff Designer
Gale Associates, Inc
Rockland, MA

ABAA member for 18 years

How do you plan to apply the knowledge and skills gained in your professional work?

A. The program gave me added confidence and a knowledge base to be able to perform air leakage testing for a range of purposes. We have since performed qualitative air leakage testing for projects looking to improve on constructed conditions and quantitative testing for projects seeking to confirm that the building performance meets and exceeds the project requirements.

Which parts of the certification program did you find most impactful?

A. The discussion about troubleshooting testing issues and hearing other professionals talk about their experiences working through similar problems.

How will you promote the importance of whole building airtightness in your community?

A. As we further understand the impacts of air movement, we realize that thermal insulation can only achieve so much when there are gaps in the air barrier than can be a vehicle for the movement of odors, moisture, heat and pathogens. By working with and educating our clients and Design Professionals, we will improve their awareness regarding the impacts of uncontrolled air movement through the building enclosure.

What advice do you have for others considering ABAA certification?

A. Regardless of your experience level, the program explains and expands on relevant building enclosure concepts and how they relate to air tightness testing. The program offers valuable information for both designers and technicians to better understand the practicality of the testing process, the current testing standards, and industry requirements.

How will you stay involved with ABAA beyond the certification program?

A. I will continue to attend the informational webinars that are sponsored by ABAA and attend ABAA conference symposiums to stay up to date with industry standards.

Any additional insights about your certification experience or future goals in airtightness and building performance?

A. The teaching staff for the certification program were super knowledgeable with respect to building enclosure testing and building concepts. In retrospect, it has been interesting to see the advancements in product development and the growth of skilled labor over the years. As we all know, these on their own can only get us so far regarding improved building performance. Being able to measure and physically see the impacts of air leakage on a building will provide more context to encourage continuity, collaboration and ultimately result in a better product for the Owner and occupants.

May 8, 2024