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La Colombe d’Or

Chamberlin Roofing & Waterproofing

Architect: Munoz + Albin
General Contractor: Urban Oaks Builders
Location: Houston, TX
Type: Multi-family/Condominium
Value: $2,462,275.00
Building Area (sq. ft.): 366,895
Total Air Barrier Area (sq. ft.): 134,166


The limestone anchoring was very complex and unaccommodating to the air barrier system. The sealing process, while not un-ordinary, was very difficult and tedious. The exterior façade had several different finishes: limestone, brick, curtain wall and metal panels. The framing/sheathing of the building returns in and out throughout the entire façade of the building, requiring a substantial amount of detailing. There were very few flat open surfaces for area receiving air barrier. The schedule was fast paced and required a large amount of overtime.


Accredited Contractor: Chamberlin Roofing & Waterproofing
Air Barrier Installers: Rudy Cruz, Francisco Carpena, Raul Santana and Faustino Parra

“Chamberlin is the most professional and reliable waterproofer we work with. Their office personnel have in-depth knowledge of the products they recommend and field staff are trained on how they should be installed to achieve a warrantable system. We also greatly benefit from a robust quality control program which includes third party inspections from ABAA. The thoroughness and transparency of their program gives us confidence that we are working as a team to build the best envelope systems for our clients.”

– Clemente Barrera, Vice President of Construction

November 9, 2020